What to see and do in Bamfield:

Getting there is half the fun!
A trip aboard the MV Frances Barkley is a fantastic voyage along the beautiful Alberni Inlet and back through time to an earlier era of BC history. Visit the small settlements and camps that have always relied on ships to deliver supplies and mail. Learn more about this amazing and little-known part of the province. The crew and volunteers aboard the ship are happy to share their knowledge. This is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed!
The MV Frances Barkley is operated by Lady Rose Marine Services.
More about the MV Frances Barkley here.
And a view, too!
Visit the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and have a look around their interesting displays of marine creatures and be inspired by the scalloped-shaped architecture of the Rix Centre for Ocean Discovery. But you will also want to spend some of your time admiring the amazing view of Bamfield and it’s harbour and the ocean beyond.
More info on the Marine Centre here.
Life’s a beach!
Brady’s Beach is a little gem, a rugged and awe-inspiring beach on the edge of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. This area is must-see when visiting Bamfield.
Bamfield map
Getting around: East meets west
As you can see by the map above, Bamfield is divided into two parts, East and West. These two parts of town are divided by the Bamfield Inlet and West Bamfield is only accessible by boat. Don’t let that deter you from visiting the ‘other’ side. If you are arriving on the MV Frances Barkley, you can disembark on either side.

The west side is the more laid back, quieter side with splendid Brady’s Beach and Bamfield’s famous boardwalk. Along the boardwalk you will find the Bamfield General Store with its renowned ice cream, the cat haven and the Boardwalk Bistro, yummy food in a very lovely setting.

East Bamfield is the more populated side of town with a full sized grocery store and other amenities. The Marine Sciences Centre and the Centennial campground are on this side. Use the water taxi to travel between east and west. The friendly taxi operator is happy to accommodate requests for drop-offs and pick-ups at various spots along the inlet, just ask! We had him drop us off at the Marine Science centre and pick up us later at the Bamfield East Dock. We had a very nice walk through East Bamfield along the quiet main road.

Getting there:

Start your journey to Bamfield in Port Alberni which is just over an hour’s drive from Nanaimo (or two and a half hours from Victoria). An overnight stay in Port Alberni is almost required as the ship leaves early in the morning. The trip aboard the MV Frances Barkley is a very comfortable and enjoyable journey of about four hours. There is a small galley cafe on board for snacks and drinks.
 More info on travelling to Bamfield here.

Where to stay:

We stayed in the very cozy and tranquil, Wood’s End Landing, a collection of nice cottages on a secluded, wooded property. There is a shared BBQ/outdoor lounge and a short walk will take you to their waterfront and dock. More info here.
More rental accommodations can be found here.

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