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How to find accommodations
When looking for a place to stay, read the descriptions of the accommodations carefully and if unsure, ask questions before booking. Determine what factors and amenities matter most to you. For example, these are some of the factors that you might want to consider: location (distance to ferries, groceries, etc.,) surroundings (ie. waterfront, forest, hobby farm, etc.), price, privacy, cancellation and smoking policies, extras like BBQ, hot tubs, loaner bikes and kayaks and the list goes on! The internet is a great tool because you get the answers you need and can see photos of the place before you commit to booking there. Owners are generally very happy to answer your questions and provide further details.

If you don’t see the island or community you are interested in on the list below, a quick Google search will find it for you. A Google search will also lead you to the web sites of individuals who rent cottages, cabins and other accommodations. Don’t be put-off by some truly ugly web sites. Some of the owners of these places spend more time on being hosts and less time updating their sites so you may miss some gems if you judge the book by the cover, so to speak.

Community web sites: I find these web sites, created by individual communities, the most useful in finding accommodations.

Tourism web sites:
Hello BC:
Travel BC:
Online Classified ads: These will give you options to limit to location, price, amenities, etc. I haven’t found these particularly useful in my searches but you may find them more useful.
Air BnB:
Vacation Rentals by Owner:
Owner Direct: Vacation Rentals:

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